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Friday, September 3, 2010

Jami's first MTC letter - August 31,2010

So i finally made it to P-day!!! So, the first second I was in here I was walking with the elders and was so chipper and happy to be there, and right when I finally saw sister missionaries, I screamed chickssss! and got in trouble. This has definitely been different for me, with the change of how I talk and do everything, but it is good.
I am obsessed with it here. I love the classes, the people, my district, my teachers, and my companions. The first day I got a companion and she was cool and we get along. She knew Spanish really well, so it was good for me. Sadly she had to move up to intermediate and ditch me since she was so good at Spanish, so I was put in a three -way companionship with my roommates Hermana Gibson y Hermana Keller. They are sooo fun and funny and crazy- we all get a long so well. One is from Texas and another from Vegas. They are both going to Kentucky Spanish speaking. I am so happy that I am with them now, and guess what I am the CORDINATING SISTER in our zone!!! So that is way cool- right away I was given this intense calling so it has really made me obedient and set the example for all the sisters.
All the classes, devotionals, and meetings have been so spiritual and amazing; I am just so excited to teach people about the gospel and its truth!! We watched the Joseph Smith movie the other night and I was just brought to tears with its power and truth. I love our church, and every day I am here my testimony grows. I am not going to lie, I have had no fear at all here; no doubts or depression or home sickness. I am always so happy and ready for a new day. Reading “Remembering Wholeness” changed my life, and helped me in so many ways. I know this is where I need to be, and I am ready to work. I am very hard working and am always studying because I know if I am doing what the Lord asks of me, he will deliver and help me and guide me in this experience.
We went to the temple today and that was amazingggg. I said my first whole Spanish prayer in the celestial room it was so perfect. I am always praying and speaking as much Spanish as possible. I am getting really good. We taught our first lesson in the T.R.C. yesterday to a lady from Argentina!! It was sooo cool, and the lesson was perfect. We all really felt the spirit and were not nervous at all. It is so fun to just teach people about God and His plan for us and just give people love.
So I need my workout running shoes I have gone a week without them and it has been terrible. The MTC offers 6 am gym classes for girls, so we go to Pilates, Kick Boxing and Yoga, which is great! I will send pics of my district so get excited :) I see Grant every so often and I saw Sean Burns and Teal a lot of people I know, its crazy! I know there is so much more to tell you but I am being timed so I am stressed - I wish I could write out every detail beautifully but I guess I will have to do that through written letters. Hopefully you can just type up my good hand written letters and put them on my blog! Can you tell everyone about dearelder.com – it is seriously the best! I am MTC Box 222. so maybe send some Fabreeze too and a cool water bottle and some t shirts to sleep in.
Honestly so much has happened it’s hard to know how to cover it all - the days have meshed together- haha its unreal. ….but honestly know this is the best and happiest time of my life. I get excited to wake up every day and learn and study. I feel the spirit every time I am in class and reading “Preach My Gospel.” Seeing over 2800 missionaries in one room just singing and being together and knowing all the work we are going to do just moves my soul. Everyone here is so hard working and so ready to do the Lords will it is awesome. I can’t stop smiling every day. I miss all of you but I just love being a missionary and wish I could do this the rest of my life. Keep dearelders and letters and packages coming -tell everyone to write me –I miss them all! LOVE YOU SOO SOOO SOO MUCH :) And i will try and make this email more exciting next week!!!!!
Life is good!!! Thanks again so much for the letters you have already sent :) I appreciate the love and the support!!!! I feel your spirits here with me and know that I love you all and think and pray about you. This church is everything. It brings me so much joy and I hope you all are feeling good about life and have faith that the Lord is with you and will help you. Know I am having soooo much fun and just soaking it all in!!!! You will get more details and pics soon!!! Get excited!!! Love hug. Aaadddiiioooossss!!!!!!

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