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Monday, February 14, 2011

Three Weeks in Bellville

Monday Feb 7th, 2011


I hope you know how much your emails help and inspire me. Even if it is a few sentences, I always getting something out of it that gets me really pumped. Thanks for being such good parents, seriously I think you both are the most inspired people ever…… you are both my heroes!!!

Thanks for all the updates on people mom! sounds like all is well. I will definitely keep you all in my prayers always, and for specifics people and situations. One day this week was reallllly hard for me and I was way homesick and mad and annoyed with my companion and was over it, but of course I overcame it and learned from it and the Lord gave me strength. The mission is like that - I can’t even tell you - every day I am learning new things about myself and about life……. it is amazing.

That is so fun dad did a video of the pictures I sent…..you guys are the best – I bet its soooo great!

Well I love you all with all my heart…..everyday I give thanks to God for the wonderful family I have been blessed with - out here I see so much sadness and problems in the home and with parents. It crushes my heart for the poor youth of the next generation - thanks for always being a good example and raising me in a healthy happy home with the gospel always in my life. What a blessing. The other day we heard two kids about 13 years old talking about how their dads would hit their moms and what they would do and when they try to stop it they would get hit and its just so sad. It is so crucial to always remember how blessed we are with our family. I am so excited to be with you guys for eternity!!!! LOVE YOU""""

Hermana Pond

Mon Jan 31st


This week was great – at first it was rough, but in the end it got better. It is crazy how I cannot speak this language very well, but can communicate and understand people, and they can understand me though our spirits and souls and light. I love it. One night I broke down to my comp in tears because I was a little down, and she understood me and gave me advice and it was great! I was so afraid having a latin comp I wouldn’t be able to vent or talk about things but the Lord knows me- haha- and knows I need healthy communication every day to help me feel better, and somehow it works out. I always end up feeling lifted up and lighter and refreshed because I know the Lord is taking care of me in this time.

It is so awesome here…..I LOVE this area even more than Arroyito. Even though I liked the little town for a while, a bigger town is more exciting! I hope I serve in the city one day…..I know I would love that too! For pday today me and my comp went to this little quiet park with a blanket and took pics and listened to church music on the IPOD! We just bonded in nature and it was so much fun. We are getting along sooo well, which is such a blessing. I was worried because this girl is known in the mission for problems……..like everyone who has been her comp has had problems, and I was so nervous to be with her, but we get along great and everything is okay right now.

I truly wish I could tell you every detail of my life! I wish I could tell you every emotion, experience, story of every person, but this timing thing is hard. Someday you will know all in person! The members here are soooo great! There is a story of a member that just made me like weep……but I will tell you about it next time, but we were both like crying sooo hard when he told me his conversion story. This church is so true, it is ridiculous.

I love you guys! Love, Hermana Pond

Monday January 24th

Oh my gosh I love you my family so much and miss you all. Sometimes it is so hard with a latin comp, because I feel a little lonely because its hard to communicate, but I feel so much strength and help from the Lord - it helps a lot. Mom - I got your cute Christmas package!! Thanks soooo much! And tell Grandma Pond I got hers too!! And I got the IPOD!!! Yayyy – finally - sooo happy and content with everything. You are the best!

Ahhh - its taking forever to get the mission calls - I am dyingggg to know. Glad to hear all is well - you all seem so happy and doing great things! I got tons of letters, so please thank people on the blog - I feel sooo bad, that I can only email family, and the mail system is terrible here, so as always give everyone my love and I really do love and appreciate the letters – they are like heaven for me. I am glad you like the pics! I want to send another disc soon there are sooo many better pics on it

So as you all know I am just a little discouraged, because I haven’t had any baptisms yet, and I just want to do whatever it takes to see these miracles and have this success. Its hard when I read other friends letters and hear about their missions and they are having tons of baptisms. But I have a good feeling about this transfer. I sat my comp down and I said I am literally willing to do whatever it takes to see tons of miracles and have baptisms this transfer, and she is as willing as I am to work sooo hard - if we need to give up P-days or fast once a week, we will do whatever it takes so we are both pumped. She has the same time as me, so we are both fresh new in the mission and just ready to go raising the bar.

I had an interview with the mission president this week, and he seriously is so great and my inspiration - I love him - he has so much passion for the work. In my interview I wanted to just cry because he said he is not worried about me at all, and has had so much faith, and sees so much promise in me since the day I entered the field, and he put me and my comp together for a reason, so I can learn the language faster so I can get to work. He looked me right in the eyes and he said, I promise you - you will have tons of success in your mission - I just know it.

So although it is hard I am happy and content and just patient, but working hard to we can have miracles this transfer.

But know that I am happy and all is well! Thanks for all the stuff you send I finally got it all- haha – thanks for all those prayers and angels have a good week!!!!

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