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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 26, 2011

Hola Queridos Hermanos…..

So I don’t have much time since I just got transferred today to LA FALDA - and it took me so long to get here traveling all day up into the mountains, so I will try my best to give a brief summary of the week.

First of all - the weather here is bi-polar! One day its like WAY hot and the next its like freezing cold again. The first day of spring was a few days ago and then the next day was like about to snow...haha….over it - I want the seasons to just make up their mind. I want sunshine! So last Monday it was way hot and me and my comp hung out on our little patio all p day and got some sun and I got SO burnt since my skin hasn’t seen the sun in like 7 or so months and so my face chest arms and legs were like bright red and in appointments….I was always like suffering - because I would try to cross my legs when I was sitting there and my burn was SO painful.

Also we haven’t had hot water for the whole week so we were showering literally in freezing cold water that like even barely came out, and of course it was on the days that were like way windy and cold. We tried being more classy and like heating up bowls of water on the stove and taking them in the shower with us and like taking time to pour them on us but it ended up being like an even bigger mess and I was just like awkward and like slipping and falling everywhere in our poor little shower. So over it. Also my poor companion - the last three days in the transfer I just woke up deathly sick with the cold, and I couldn’t get out of bed or do anything so we didn’t even get to work that much. It was a rough week….not going to lie. L

Some good news is that my little Carmesita, whom I love with all my heart and is a recent convert was asking all about tithing and how she needs her little envelope to put in all the money she owes God, because he has blessed her so much, and she also said she wants to write a note to put into it….. and we were like why a note? And she said – a note to God to thank him of course! haha - I love her so much. Also she asked us when the temple trip is so she can go with the ward and take vacation at her work because she really wants to enter the temple. She is a gem! Also my precious Marilyn got a calling! She is secretary in the Relief Society, and she is giving her first class in just a few weeks…..love her!

Also the elders came to our area to meet some of our investigators and help out and they talked to Gladis and Mercedes, and Mica and they were just so happy and got really excited to get baptized, and were just so emotional. Cute Gladis is my fave - we left her Alma 36 and she said she read it twice in one night and she was just crying the whole time and she just loves the Book of Mormon and reads it so much. She said she has been asking God if the church is true and the Book of Mormon is true and she has dreams that she is in a dark tunnel but she sees a little light at the end and she is always walking closer to it. We talked to her about how all these feelings with her prayers and in the church and when she reads are all answers because she is feeling good and she agreed!

Sunday in church all 3 came by themselves and were so great and just loved it. I am sad I don’t get to be there for their baptisms, but we - me and my comp - found them and taught them everything together so they definitely have a special place in our hearts. I gave the class Sunday and talked about prophets and just so intense got everyone SO PUMPED for conference!!!!!!!! It is so important to prepare ourselves now and seek inspiration in the conference this coming weekend.


Tons of people have no idea we have a living prophet today that seeks revelation and communicates with God for the benefit of God’s children. We must comprehend the importance of it and tell and invite all to hear!

So all in all it was a little rough, but good things happened too! It is always sad leaving an area and so it was way hard saying goodbye to everyone, but I know that there is a time and season for everything and I am really excited to see what the Lord has in store for me in LA FALDA. My comps name is Hermana Utrera and she is from Salt Lake and half Brazilian and way cool and super new - this will be her 2nd transfer in the mission, so I am finishing the training program with her so I am like half training....haha. It will be great! I am way stoked.

Well I truly love you all with all my heart, and thank you for your countless prayers and support - it all truly lifts and helps me each day in the mission. Have a good week!


Hermana Pond

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