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Friday, December 6, 2013


The Hartman Personality Test WHITE
As an individual
  • Quiet, reflective, and peaceful
  • Sincere and genuine lifestyle
  • Appears to accept life comfortably
  • Patient with others
  • Kind to animals and people
  • Blends into all situations
    As a friend
  • Patient and enduring through good and bad times
  • Tolerant of unkind behavior
  • Supportive and accepting
  • Listens with empathy
  • Relaxed in most situations
  • Likes most people
  • Liked by most people
  • Compatible with different personalities
  • Enjoys observing others
  • Non-demanding of friendships
    As an individual
    • Boring because detached
    • Takes passive approach to life
    • Unresponsive or note openly excited about experiences
    • Has problems becoming intimate
    • Bashful and unsure of self
    • Easily manipulated into changing plans
    • Ambivalent about direction and goals to pursue
    • Often lazy and unwilling to take responsibility to self
    • Resists making commitments
      As a friend
  • Lacks creativity to make suggestions
  • Easily led by others opinions
  • Won’t express honest perspective if controversial
  • Passive
  • Requests extra protection and a lot of support
  • Easily hurt and defeated
How to Develop a Positive Connection with White
  • Be kind
  • Be logical, clear, and firm about the content you present
  • Provide a structure (boundaries) for them to operate in
  • Be patient and gentle
  • Introduce options and ideas for their involvement
  • Be simple and open
  • Acknowledge and accept their individuality
  • Be casual, informal, and relaxed in presentation style
  • Look for nonverbal clues to their feelings
  • Listen quietly
  • Be cruel and insensitive
  • Expect them to need much social interaction
  • Force immediate verbal expressions; accept written communication
  • Be domineering and too intense
  • Demand conformity to realistic expectations/behaviors
  • Overwhelm them with too much at once
  • Force confrontation
  • Speak to fast
  • Take away all their daydreams
  • Demand leadership
The Harman Personality Test YELLOW
As an individual
  • Highly optimistic (rarely depressed)
  • Likes self and accepts others easily
  • Loves to volunteer for opportunities
  • Sees life as an experience to be enjoyed
  • Flashy (racehorse rather then plowhorse)
  • Adventurous and daring
    As a friend
  • Exciting and fun to be with (never dull or boring)
  • Often places friend before family
  • Forgiving of self and others
  • Lively and entertaining
  • Vulnerable, innocent, and trusting
  • Endearing
  • Willing to free up schedule in order to play
    As an individual
    • Needs to look good socially (high priority)
    • Irresponsible and unreliable
    • Self-centered and egotistical
    • Flighty and uncommon
    • Lots of talk with little action
    • Superficial and mostly interested in a good time
    • Unwilling to experience pain in order to produce quality
    • Undisciplined
    • Loud and obnoxious in public places
    • Exaggerates successes and omits unpleasant trusts
    • Unable to confront or face issues
      As a friend
  • Spends most of time discussing own life
  • Shows up at his or her convenience
  • Undependable in a crisis
  • Unwilling to commit to long-term needs of distressed friends
  • Pursues won life regardless of friend’s situations or needs
  • Uncomfortable in painful or distressing environments
  • Makes new friends easily and without guilt, often at the expense of old friends
How to Develop a Positive Connection with Yellow
  • Be positive and proactive with them in your life
  • Adore and praise them legitimately
  • Touch them physically
  • Accept their playful teasing
  • Remember they are more sensitive than they appear
  • Value their social interaction skills and people connections
  • Remember they hold feelings deeply
  • Promote creative and fun activities for and with them
  • Enjoy their charismatic innocence
  • Allow them opportunity for verbal expression
  • Be too serious or sober in criticism
  • Push them too intently
  • Ignore them
  • Forget they have “down” time also
  • Demand perfection
  • Expect them to dwell on problems
  • Give them too much rope, or they may hang themselves
  • Classify them as just lightweight social butterflies
  • Attack their sensitivity to be unforgiving
  • Totally control their schedules or consume their time
As an individual
The Hartman Personality Test RED
  • Excels with logical thinking
  • Committed to a productive lifestyle
  • Dynamic and direct
  • Thrives on independence
  • Natural leader
  • Highly resourceful (strong survivor)
  • Creative in crisis
    As a friend
  • Direct and quick with suggestions
  • Great in emergencies
  • Direct and quick with disasters
  • Promotes group activities
  • Engages in conflict comfortably and directly
  • Productive in solving dilemmas
    As an individual
    • Generally seeks to serve self (what’s in it for me)
    • Promotes turmoil and conflict when a personal goal is to be gained
    • Out of touch with own feelings
    • Renationalizes and denies own failings
    • Always right
    • Cannot relax and feel comfortable unless producing something
    • Often arrogant and defiant or authority
    • Inconsiderate of other’s feelings (selfish)
    • Inpatient with others
      As a friend
    • Insensitive and unemotional
    • Doesn’t like to admit the need for friendship
    • Remains detached from sharing self completely
    • Enters friendship asking “what’s in it for me?”
    • Listens only when convenient
    • Maintains mostly rational friendships
    • Tries to control group activities
    • Expects friends to do things his or her way
    • Won’t admit inadequacies for fear of losing power and control
    • Negative, critical, and judgmental of others
    • Feels it is more important to be right than agreeable
    • Blunt or rude when angered
    • Boring
    • Expects to be entertained while waiting for action to begin
    • Stubborn
    • Denies any personal inadequacies of responsibility
How to Develop a Positive Connection with Reds
  • Present issues logically
  • Demand their attention and respect
  • Do your homework!
  • Be direct, brief and specific in conversation
  • Be productive and efficient
  • Offer them leadership opportunities
  • V erbalize your feelings
  • Support their decisive nature
  • Promote their intelligence reasoning where appropriate
  • Be prepared with facts and figures
  • Respect their need to make their own decisions their own way
  • Embarrass them in front of others
  • Argue from an emotional perspective
  • Always use authoritarian approach
  • Use physical punishment
  • Be slow and indecisive
  • Expect a personal and intimate relationship
  • Attack them personally
  • Take their arguments personally
  • Wait for them to solicit your opinion
  • Demand constant social interaction (allow for alone time)
As an individual
The Hartman Personality Test Blue
  • Sees life as a serious endeavor
  • Appreciates beauty and detail
  • Has a strong aesthetic sense
  • Stable and dependable (plowhorse vs. racehorse)
  • Sincere and emotionally deep
  • Analytically oriented (concerned with why one behaves as she/he does)
  • High achiever
  • Deep sense of purpose
    As a friend
  • Loyal forever once friendship is established
  • Genuine concern for other person’s well-being
  • Remembers special holidays and promotes celebrations
  • Encouraging in times of trouble
  • Willing to commit time to the relationship
    As an individual
    • Highly emotional
    • Smug and self-righteous
    • Controlling and/or envious of others’ success when too too easily obtained
    • Strong perfecting and performance orientation
      As a friend
  • Highly insecure about other’s and approval
  • Feels rejected easily
  • When depressed or depressive, feels it is friend’s job to understand
  • Can be revengeful and bitter is crossed or scarred emotionally
  • Critical of friends’ principles or activities if not similar
  • Expects friends to maintain strong loyalty
  • Wishes friends would communicate more often
  • Rarely playful and spontaneous
How to Develop a Positive Connection with Blue
  • Emphasize their security in the relationship
  • Be sensitive and soft-spoken in your approach
  • Be sincere and genuine
  • Behave appropriately and well mannered
  • Limit their risk level
  • Promote their creativity
  • Appreciate them
  • Allow ample time for them to gather their thoughts before expressing themselves
  • Be loyal
  • Do thorough analysis before making presentations
  • Make them feel guilty
  • Be rude or abrupt
  • Promote too much change
  • Expect spontaneity
  • Abandon them
  • Expect them to bounce back easily or quickly from depression
  • Demand perfection (they already expect too much from themselves)
  • Push them too quickly into making decisions
  • Expect them to forgive quickly crossed
  • Demand immediate action or quick verbal bantering 

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