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Friday, March 11, 2011

Monday March 5th - "I am never coming home"

Monday March 7th

Family and Friends!!!!

All is well! I love my new area and I love my comp – its definitely different now that I am in the city -a bigger area with a lot of people, so it’s a little harder, but I love the ward and love the people and I am excited to work!

So it has been an AMAZING week!!!!! We have been working sooo hard and have seen tons of miracles. First of all this area has been working with this cute man named Vicente and he is truly such a great guy! He is like 70, lives with his son, and his wife died a few years ago, so he is way lonely……but he loves the gospel. He stopped smoking and goes to church, and he listens to the Book of Mormon CD’s every day because he cant read. He was planning on getting baptized this weekend, the 5th, and we were so excited, and passing everyday to help and prepare him.

One night he got all these doubts and was saying how he changed his mind and didn’t want to get baptized, and we were so sad, and my comp was so sad and crying, because she has worked with him and taught him, and this has happened to her like 3 times where people are all ready and then bail the last minute, and its been way hard for her. It was kind of awkward, and she was all sad, and he was just sitting there, and I felt bad because I didn’t know him that well. I just tried staying positive, and I looked at him and told him how much his Heavenly Father loves him and how He is ready and so excited for him to be baptized in His church. I truly was just pouring out with all sincerity of my heart all the Spanish I knew, and my testimony, because I truly know Satan was just working on him, and that he just needed to have faith and overcome this trial of faith. So I told him about prayer, and I talked about how personal it is and how he needed to have a conversation with his Father in Heaven and ask if he could get baptized on the 5th, and he said he would.

The next day-the day before the baptism - we passed and he was just GLOWING - so happy and content and said everything is okay, and he prayed and got an answer and he was ready to be baptized!!! We were SO happy and all just beaming and we watched the movie Faith in Christ, and we were all so emotional and just content! It was truly a miracle. So of course it was stressful in one day trying to tell all the members and investigators about this baptism and organize it, and it was a little stressful, but we had the baptism and everything ended up being perfect!!! I truly am full of joy, and love Vicente so much! He is just such a gem, and SO happy to be in the church! He was the first one to his baptism like soooo excited and ready it was so cute. He was very emotional in church too when he got confirmed, he loved it!

We are loving life here in Rosedal, and we are excited to see tons of miracles - all of March! We found of family of 4 and they are married (shocking) whoooo! We are hoping to teach them this week and get them to church Sunday. We also have some other good investigators we are hoping to get baptized this month. I love my comp-she is such a hard worker and we are both just soooo ready and willing to work - I love it - we are seriously fasting and just praying and working pdays – haha - we are just going to rely SO much and trust in the Lord and do anything it takes to have success and see miracles this transfer together! My Spanish is still doing pretty good even though I am now with a gringa…people understand me better than her -haha - its funny she gets sad and says I have to help her with her accent.

Well know that I am happy and I LOVE the mission…I am never coming home! Haha I love you all with all my heart and think about you all!!!


Hermana pond

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  1. Love you Hermana Pond! So glad you are enjoying your time so far!