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Monday, June 28, 2010

Dreading a few Dreads...

I not going to lie-hair is a pain. In the summer especially because it is so hot and all you do is swim and washing your hair just sounds like more of a pain. I am not sure how after one day of not showering and pool hair can begin some dreads but it is definitely happening to me as we speak. My sister practically laughed in my face this morning when I rolled out of bed and apparently had a huge head of hair puffed up all over the place where you could barely see my face. I used to wish that I would have long thick and luscious curly hair but now that sounds like a nightmare by the way I care for my thin straight boring hair. Sometimes I just wish I could keep it up and tell myself that dreads could possibly be a hot and new look for me but then the image of me someday sitting down on the ground for 20 hours combing out each dread crying brings me back and I immediately pull out the conditioner. Today I actually just laid in bed with a mean migraine wondering why the heat is torturing me but now I come to think of it might be the dreads and knots all up in my hair thats making my head spin. The good thing about these lethargic days where I don't get out is when I get a moment to read an entire Sophie Kincella book where I get lost in some crazy funny story and forget that the whole day has past. This is quite a nice moment where I can say I not only finished a book that quick and enjoyed but I also get to go to spin class at the YMCA with having to wait a few hours wondering how I will fill my time until the one productive thing I have to do that day-the gym. I also think me and my beautiful white cat Bella actually had "a moment" today when I was in my cozy bed reading and she came to lay by me. Normally I am always trying to get this cutest cat ever to like me and my attempts to love her results to me always watching her run away. But of course my 60 year old cat Jazzy who has lived longer than any animal living on this earth, is always down to come sit on my head while I am sleeping or sit on the key board when I am typing something important. Did I mention that this cat does weigh over 20 pounds and sheds like a monster so as much as I adore pets and am always looking for pet attention, Jazzy can get a little clingy if you ask me. So now that I just finished my most fun and pleasant summer read I am wondering what is next. I need a trip to the book store and right away I would head for Sophie's area but I am sad to say I have read all of her hits. I need to find a new author with as much sarcasm imagination and humor that this brilliant london woman has entertained me with... any suggestions?

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