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Sunday, June 20, 2010

forever daddy's little girl

My sister gave a beautiful talk today in church for father's day and I wanted to share it with all to see. We truly do have the world's greatest day and love him more than anything! we love you pops-this day today is all yours :) enjoy.

There are many things today we have to be thankful for from our fathers. When I think of fathers in general, it seems that they are always there for us and supporting us in anything we do. With the power of the magnificent priesthood that a father holds in his home, there is a peace and beauty that will always surround and protect your family with light and love. Your father is the one who stands at the window in the hospital after you are born and first falls in love with you in that precious moment. Your father is the one that gives you your first blessing in church as an infant that begins your fresh life. Your father is the one that teaches you to ride your first bike and is the one who teaches you how to swim. Your father is the one to bring you into the calm and promising waters of baptism at the age of eight where you are cleansed and become a member of the church. Your father is the one to protect you from heartache from the first boy you like and is the one at all your sporting and school events cheering you on. Your father is the one to giver you away at your wedding day and dances with you to that last song when you are all dressed in white. We are guided and sheltered by our loving fathers on this earth and with everything that comes, they are there to protect and direct you to happiness and a wonderful life. My dad personally, has been a huge influence and example to me since my existence. There has never been a wasted moment since I have been on this earth where I did not feel accepted or unconditionally loved by my father. He truly does see every piece of beauty and promise that I have in me and is always encouraging me to never forget that. One of my most memorable moments with my dad was a few years ago when I was faced with a very scary and painful experience. When I was thirteen years old, I developed a very intense and serious amount of pain in my body and for months doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. With each week, it got worse and worse and no medicine or any kind of treatment was working. Finally a doctor in Arizona, after months of ultra sounds and check ups, found out that I had a very rare case of something that could only be operated on in St. Louis. I was immediately put on a medical helicopter and flown right to the hospital there with my parents by my side. At this young age and with no idea what was going on, you could imagine the fear I was going through and wondering if I were to be okay. Upon arrival, I was still in agonizing pain and until the surgery, I just had to wait it out and pray I would overcome it all. Each night my parents were right by my side in the hospital, sleeping close to me so I was never alone. Moments before my surgery, my dad offered me a blessing to shelter me and bring me comfort. I still remember that peaceful and pure feeling that flooded the room right when I heard the sound of my dad’s voice. I knew that because of the priesthood, my father was able to administer blessings and angels to be with me through this surgery and I knew that with this specific comfort and power I would be all right. I am so grateful that at such a hardship in my life, my father was there by my side, taking care of me and assuring me that I was going to get through it all. I believe that there is nothing on this earth that can replace a fathers love for his child. I do believe that our fathers on this earth are here to mirror each day the exact and never ending love our heavenly father has for us and in doing so, we are capable of finding our extraordinary selves. May we be thankful on this day for the fathers of the earth and be grateful for all the light they bring to the home. I Pray that each of us can remember to do the will of our father-just as it demonstrates Jesus did in the scriptures in John 8:29. “And he that asent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.” I would like to end with my testimony that I know this church is true and I have a great appreciation for my father; not just today but every day and I aspire to be like him more than he could ever know. I love you dad and I thank you for exercising the priesthood in our home and I am lucky to say that I will be with you, as well as my family, for time and for all of eternity. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

We owe you everything fathers. Thank you.

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